In 1989, the San Jose District Executive Committee established the District's Special Award of Recognition to pay tribute to those whose contributions to the profession of physical therapy have been exceptional. This person may either have worked to advance the education or practice of physical therapy or may have demonstrated outstanding commitment and service to the district.

Here are the recipients from previous years.
1989 Kathe Shannon-Hickey
1990 Dan Brady
1991 Judy Sebring
1992 Carl Anderson
1993 Susan Glenfield
1994 Stevie White
1996  Tom Sawhill
1997 Terry Nordstrom
2001 Stuart Katzman

The following qualifications have been outlined for the recipient of this award:

I. Must be an active or affiliate member of the APTA who has held active or affiliate membership status in the San Jose District for a minimum of ten years at the time of nomination.

II. Must have made notable contributions in the form of work and/or service that has advanced the education or practice of the profession or has demonstrated exceptional leadership or service to the District

III. Must be nominated by a current member of the San Jose District.

IV. Must be elected by the San Jose District Executive Committee by a 2/3 vote.

V. Must not be a member of the San Jose District Executive Committee at the time of nomination.


1. The nomination of an active San Jose District member must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee and must be received by no later than November 1, 1999. The nomination must be made by a District member. No active member may nominate himself.

2. Each nomination must be accompanied by written documentation that the nominee meets the criteria as outlined above.

3. The written documentation may include a recent curriculum vitae of the nominee, letters of support that address the criteria, and other written examples demonstrating the nominee's leadership, influence, and accomplishments.

4. All nominations shall be reviewed by the Executive Committee or a designated sub- committee and selection will be made at the November Executive Committee meeting.

5. Materials accompanying nominations shall not be returned. Nominations and written documentation may be retained for consideration as nominations in the next year and supplemental material may be submitted by the appropriate deadline.

6. The awardee will be notified and invited to the Annual San Jose District Awards Night to receive the award.

7. A District Special Recognition Award will be presented to the awardee and his name will be placed on the San Jose District award plaque.

8. Appropriate announcements will appear in the District Newsletter and other publications as appropriate.

Please forward all nominations to: Thomas DeFranco:
1793 Wade Ave
Santa Clara, Ca. 95051
408 248 9532



San Jose District Special Award of Recognition Nomination

The following person is nominated for the San Jose District Award of Recognition:

Name: ____________________________________________ Phone: _____________


Signed: ___________________________________ Date:________________________

Attach a description of the nominee's exceptional contributions in the realm of the District and/or the profession.


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